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Due to declining demand, Tracer is no longer offered for sale.

Instead, Tracer is now available as a free download, but without support.

The free version of Tracer has all of Tracer’s original functionality, including BD-3D but
excluding the display of video and audio content in the playback preview window.

BluStreak Tracer

Creates duplication- and replication-ready master images from Adobe Encore or any Blu-ray authoring application on any platform, with full automatic support for AACS encryption and layer break placement. Used by indie and commercial producers world-wide.

Tracer’s premastering is the final step in Blu-ray publication, burning disc media directly or creating a BDCMF image for replicating thousands of discs. Tracer also provides command editing, tracing, debugging and playback preview.

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BluStreak Premaster

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