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On December 31, 2020, BluStreak Tracer reached its end-of-life as a purchasable product.
It now exists in a free version with all  functionality including BD-3D, but without support.

Support Policies

We recommend that all Tracer customers use the latest free download, whether you have a license or not:

Download BluStreak Tracer (Free) 2.4 or later
Universal app for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs
Requires macOS 10.9 or later

On macOS 10.10, due to a system level issue, the universal app format won't run. Use this version instead:

Download BluStreak Tracer (Free, Intel) 2.4 or later
For Intel Macs running macOS 10.10

You can download or view Tracer documentation:

BluStreak Tracer documentation
PDF format

Important: Application downloads are compressed ZIP files. If you download the application on Windows, make sure you copy the ZIP file to a Mac before uncompressing. If you uncompress on Windows, important information will be lost, and the resulting application will not run correctly when copied to a Mac.

Customers with Existing Licenses

Ongoing support is provided only for customers who already have a Tracer license, and only for a limited time:

• The license retrieval service will be available until December 31, 2021.

• Support for licensed customers will be available until December 31, 2022.

Other Downloads

If you have an existing license for one the following products, you can re-download the software at any time:


Product & VersionBluStreak Tracer 2.3.4 or laterOS X 10.8 or laterRequirementsBluStreak Tracer 2.1.1OS X 10.6–10.7BluStreak Tracer 2.0.3OS X 10.5BluStreak Premaster 1.1.6OS X 10.5 or laterDVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition 3.0.5OS X 10.3–10.6

Note: For BluStreak Tracer add-ons, there is no separate download. Use the add-on license key with the downloaded application.

Recovering Lost Licenses

If you don't have a copy of the licensed application, first download it using the above links. Try running the application to find out if the license information is already present on your Mac.

If not, then you can request that the license key be emailed to you (BluStreak Tracer only).

BluStreak Tracer License Installation

• Start the BluStreak Tracer application.

• In the menu bar at the top of your display, locate the BluStreak Tracer menu, immediately to the left of the File menu.

• Choose the License Keys... item from the BluStreak Tracer menu.

• Choose “Install additional license keys now” and press “Next”.

• If you do not have your license key, choose “Retrieve license keys from the online store”, then enter the email address used for the purchase, and press “Next”.

• If you still have your license key email, select all of the text in the email and paste it into the text box. The license key will be extracted from the text and displayed in the text box. If you have additional emails for add-ons, paste them in the same way.

• Follow the rest of the instructions in the window to complete the license installation process.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed at any point, please contact us via email.

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